Glue-dot-applications Commercial and Industrial applications:

  • Beverage and Food Industry-Sealing Cartons

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging

  • Product assembly - securing items prior to Shrink-wrapping

  • Print and mailing

  • Medical

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • Material Handling / Shipping

  • Securing Items Within Clamshells

  • Joining Sheeting, Films, Liners, Paper etc

  • Adhering Matting in Picture Frames

Glue Dots bonds instantly and gives you the right amount of adhesive every time.  Increases productivity and eliminates the need for messy liquid glues and drying times.   Glue dots create bonds instantly, leave no mess, cause less waste, and avoid harmful burns which some people may experience when using a hot glue gun. Achieve productivity with ease by using Glue Dots® adhesive solutions that work with virtually any application in any industry. Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues, hot-melts and double-sided tapes and have been successfully used to:

Secure product orientation before shrink-wrapping
Repair hot melt failure seamlessly and invisibly
Secure medical product information sheets or outserts to pharmaceutical packaging
Secure and holding gift basket products in place
Attach promotional items and gift cards, closing brochures or being used as an alternative to wafer seals
Affix pieces or holding components in place before assembly

​​HOW ARE GLUE DOTS double sided glue adhesive USED?

Craft, Home, Office, Workshop applications:

  •  Scrap booking

  •  Balloon decorating

  •  Greeting cards

  •  Crafts

  •  Candle making

  •  Church projects, VBS Vacation Bible School

  •  School Crafts projects

  •  Office use

  •  Gift baskets

Econdot desk top applicator


Packaging -  Print and Mailing - Product Beverage Repackaging - Medical - Manufacturing

Schools - Libraries - Arts/Craft