Tack Level refers to the aggressiveness of the adhesive.  Super High Tack creates a permanent bond on paper surfaces, whereas Low or Medium tacks are considered removable.

What Are Glue Dots? ADHESIVE

Glue Dots are a double -sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive that bond instantly to virtually any surface. Industrial pressure sensitive adhesive products provide a clean, instant bond with no mess, residue or odor, making them a preferred alternative to hot melts, liquid glues and double-sided tapes.
Glue Dots® pressure sensitive, double-sided adhesive patterns provide a clean, instant bond with zero cure time, less waste and safer application without requiring heat. Glue Dots leave no residue or odor and increases productivity while reducing costs.
Glue Dots are available in a variety of pattern, tack levels and profiles, which can be applied with manual, semi-automated or fully-automated adhesive application equipment. GLUE DOTS are made is USA and are FDA compliant

Standard Glue Dots are available in:

1:     3 Profiles:  LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH-profiles
2:     4 Tack levels: Low Tack, Medium Tack, High Tack, Super High Tack.
3:     All profiles are available in 1/2" and 3/4" diameters.


PROFILE refers to the thickness of the Glue Dot.  "LOW"-profile Glue Dots are thin, and commonly used for bonding flat items. "MEDIUM" and "HIGH" profiles are best suited for round or irregularly shaped objects.